We will not fund work that does not focus specifically on one of our priority groups


  • Charities with a total annual expenditure of more than £40,000
  • Charities that are not registered with the Charity Commission in England & Wales. You must have your own charity number or be
    excepted from registration. Industrial Provident Societies and
    Community Interest Companies are not eligible to apply
  • Work that is not based in England or Wales
  • Charities with unrestricted reserves that equate to more than
    12 months expenditure
  • Branches of national charities. You must have your own charity number, not a shared national registration
  • New organisations – you must have been operating as a fully constituted organisation for at least 3 years, even though you may have registered as a charity more recently
  • New work that has not been occurring for at least a year
  • New paid posts – even if the work is now being done by volunteers
  • Additional activities, expansion or development plans
  • Special events, trips or outings
  • Capital expenditure – including equipment, buildings, renovations, furnishings, minibuses
  • Childcare
  • Holidays and holiday centres
  • Core funding of charities that benefit the wider community such as
    general advice services and community centres unless a significant
    element of their work focuses on one of our priority groups
  • Bereavement support
  • Debt advice
  • Community safety initiatives
  • Charities raising money to give to another organisation, such as schools, hospitals or other voluntary groups
  • Individuals – including charities raising funds to purchase equipment for or make grants to individuals
  • Promotion of religion
  • Animal welfare charities